Kharistan Exotics
It hasn't always been such a wild ride here at Kharistan Exotics. When I
started out breeding it was with Persians.  About 5 years into it, I met my
first Bengal.  I knew thats what I wanted to breed.  It wasn't too long after
that when I bought my first early generation Bengal.  That started the path
toward exotic cats.  It was around 2009 that I purchased two Asian
Leopard Cats.  That changed everything.  My love for wild cats grew.  I
have owned many ALCS and a Serval.  I have fostered Geoffroy cats and a
Sandcat for a short while.  That's how it all began.
We are a small cattery in Central Indiana.  We only breed ALCs and Early
Generation Bengals now.  We are fully licensed by the state of Indiana.  
They do yearly inspections.  We are a registered cattery with TICA * and
belong to FCF - Feline Conservation Federation.  
Our Bengals are all PRA and PKD tested.  We do not screen for HCM.  We
have not had a problem with it in our lines.  Our veterinarians (here in
town and up at Purdue) agree, it is not necessary for us to screen at this
time.   We also do PCR panels when necessary.
We like to feed our ALCs their normal diet of whole prey.  They do eat raw
meat, too.  Our EGs like whole prey as well as raw meat but they also like
Friskies canned food.    It has worked very well for us.
If you are interested in our exotics, please text, email or you can message
us on FaceBook.  
Our cats are all sold with a contract.  They will have all their appropriate
vaccines.  By the time they are ready to go, the Bengals will be seen by the
vet at least twice.  They are normally ready for homes around 12 weeks.
They do not leave my house until fully paid for.  That means any check
must clear my bank.   I also will not fly my cats in cargo.   
Prices for our exotics   $2500 to $8000
Facebook - CJ Rozelle Epperson
Text - 765 425 4104
Please introduce yourself.  I do not like discussing my cats with strangers.  
I need your name and where you are located before giving out info.
* I am a registered cattery with TICA but may not be renewing my
membership come September.  After years of my support, they are trying
to decide whether to register exotics & hybrids any more.   I totally
disagree with this and will not give any more support to them if they go
through with this decision.
We will also be registering our cats with the Rare & Exotic Cat Registry.