Asian Leopard Cats
I have owned several Asian Leopard Cats (ALC) and one Serval.  Both of these
are absolutely gorgeous cats but not for everyone.  Before inquiring about
one of these exotic cats, please do your homework!!  I cannot stress that
enough.  They are first and foremost stunning, a lot of fun, hyper a lot of     
times with a don't touch me attitude sometimes and will eventually be a
sprayer.  They can be your best buddy when socialized correctly but also
be exactly what they are,  a wild cat even when socialized properly.  
Be prepared to feed them the correct diet of whole prey.
Kharistan's Zayne & Kaanna
My first two ALCs.
Isla     My first Serval
Kharistan's Asialeigh
Kaanna and Zayne's first baby.
Kharistan's Maelei
Asialeigh's baby
Kharistan's Notorious (Tori)
Kharistan's Rome (left)
Kahnaly's Sienna
Romeo Zyairi
Spot O Luck
Alysinn N Chainz  (Aly)
Spot O Luck Kahn
Kharistan's Cleo (left)
Kharistan's Aly
Kharistan's Tarzan
Kharistan's Alphia