Asian Leopard Cat

Breeding Asian Leopard Cats (aka ALC) can be
simple, complex and sometimes heartbreaking.  You better
know what you are doing if you are going to get one.  
I cannot stress enough, do your homework!!
Do  not change what your breeder has been feeding
the Alc kitten when you get it home.  
Changing too fast is a bad idea.
Before leaving my house the Alc kittens have been on a
diet of homemade raw, Zupreem, Friskies canned Shreds,
whole raw and whole prey.  If you take it home and don't
follow through with the same food, you will have problems!
When I give my kittens an uncooked chicken leg, wing,
thigh, etc. I always lay it in a bed of either homemade raw
or Friskies canned Shreds.  Never by itself unless it is a
snack.  Alcs get most of their water from homemade raw or
whole prey.  You do not need to add anything to the
whole prey.   A lot of cats don't seem to like the
Zupreem.  It would make feeding pretty simple if they did.
Whole prey is by far the best diet for them.  
Alcs will eat many different things such as small whole
prey chicks, rats, mice, hamsters, birds, fish, even insects.  
This is perfectly normal for them.  
They are carnivores.  
Feed them what they would find in the wild.  
You will have a healthier, happier exotic pet.
Zayne's Destiny

My first ALC