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1.  What kind of health guarantee do you offer?
We have a 1 yr. genetic health guarantee.  We do not guarantee against FIP.  Please
read our contract for full details

2.  Do you include spay or neutering in your price?
No, the price does not include spaying or neutering.  When sold as pets, we try to s/n
them before they leave if they weigh enough.

3.  At what age do your kittens leave?
They are usually ready  around 12 weeks old.  

4.  Do you offer shipping?
Yes, we offer shipping in the U.S. only.  The buyer is responsible for all shipping

5.  Do you offer stud service or lease your cats out?
I only work with certain breeders.  

6.   Do you have a waiting list and what kind of down
payment is required?
Yes, we usually have a waiting list.  No money is required to be on the list.  Once a
kitten is picked, a deposit is required for you to reserve it. $300 for kittens bought as
pets or $500 for breeders.

7.   How often do you update pictures?
I like to update pictures every two weeks, sometimes more.

8.   How much do you charge for kittens?
Pet prices start at $1200.00  and go up.  Breeder prices start at $2200.00 and go up.
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