When Can Your Kitten Go Home
Your kitten will be able to leave for it's new home between 12 and 14 weeks old.   Leaving before
that may cause stress not only to the kitten but to the mother.  As breeders, we know there is so
much more to teaching these kittens than how to use the litter box.  Please be patient and trust that
we know when both mom and kittens are ready to go.  Bonding can happen at any age!   

Bad Litter Box Habits
This is the number one reason people re home their cats, inappropriate elimination.  There are
many causes for this.  First and foremost, have your cat checked out for a medical problem!  Prompt
treatment for illnesses can resolve the problem.  
Do you have enough litter boxes in your house?  One per cat is ideal.  Make sure you have a litter
they like.  There are many kinds out there with different textures and scents.  Most cats don't like
the scented kind.  Buy several different litters, put one of each in a box and see which box they go
to.  The litter box itself could also be the problem.  Once again, there are many kinds out there.  
Have a variety available until you see which they prefer.  Is your litter box in a place that is quiet?  
One where they will feel safe?   Is the amount of litter in the box to their liking?  Are you cleaning it
enough?   Did you change the litter that the breeder suggested?
Stress can also cause litter problems.  Have you had a household change?  New family members,
new pets?  Change in routine?   All of this can upset a cat.  Try Feliway.

Pet Aggression
Have you ever been petting your cat and then have it turn around and bite or nip at you?  This is
one type of pet aggression.  It could happen if the cat/kitten was not socialized enough.  It could
have been taken away too early from it's mother.  Or perhaps even abused.  Some just plain do not
like being petted.  Signs that a cat is not happy with what you are doing: ears layed back, twitching
tail, dilated pupils or growling/hissing.  Most importantly, it could be a medical condition.  See
your vet.  If a medical condition is ruled out, you may have to relate petting to something enjoyable
for your cat such as a treat, playing with a favorite toy or taking them for a walk.

Separation Anxiety
I am not sure whether I should comment on this for your cat or you.  I get separation anxiety when
I leave my cats.  I'll stick with the cat's anxiety though.  Does your cat go nuts when you try to
leave?  Does it cry for you?  Is it starting to urinate inappropriately?   Chewing on things,
vomiting?   Not to sound like a broken record but have him/her checked by your vet to rule out a
medical condition.  Sometimes if the kitten is orphaned, abandoned or taken too early from it's
mother, anxiety or stress will occur.  In some cases a vet may prescribe an anti-anxiety medication
for it.  Feliway and Rescue Remedy may also help.  Both of these are non-prescribed.  You may want
to purchase a special toy that you give to your cat when you leave.  Possibly another pet to keep it
company.  Leaving a tv or radio on may also help.

What to feed your cat, a lot of controversy on many cat forums.  I prefer raw.  Without a doubt it is
the best thing for your cat who is an obligate carnivore.  That being said, not everyone will feed
their cats raw.   So....canned food is the next best thing.  Dry food for the most part is junk.  Look at
the ingredients.  Meat meal, by products etc.  Yuck!  If the first ingredient doesn't say chicken, beef,
turkey, etc.  don't buy it.  How many cats do you see eating in a vegetable garden?  Or eating rice?
They like meat and bones.  If you insist on feeding dry, try to get an organic, holistic food.  At least
supplement it with some raw or canned.  Would you like eating dry cereal everyday for the rest of
your life?  Your cat isn't thrilled either.

I can't emphasize enough - get your cat spayed or neutered!  Female cats are not required to have
kittens.  They don't need 'just one' litter to feel good.  If you are not an ethical, registered breeder,
make sure your cats are altered by 6 months old.  This will help prevent serious illness, unwanted
births, aggression, fighting and spraying.  Both male and females spray.  Get 'em fixed!!

Outside Cats
Being an outside cat can mean death or a shortened life span.  Death = coyotes, cars, illnesses & etc.  
If you don't think a coyote will jump your fence and grab your cat, you are sadly mistaken.  If you
think because you live in town that it won't happen, think again.  I don't have to explain the danger
with cars or illnesses.  It's quite obvious.  If your cat wants to be outside, build it an enclosure so it is
Lady Asianna