Kharistan Cattery

                                                 Home of outstanding Charcoal, Silver and Brown spotted Bengals

This agreement is between CJ Epperson (seller/breeder) of Kharistan Cattery and
___________________________ (buyer).  Effective as of the date of signatures below and is binding upon all  parties thereof.   
Buyer and seller agree to the below described cat/kitten and all the following terms.

Sire:____________________________  Dam:_____________________________ Date:______
Sex:_______________  D.O.B._____________  Color:_________________________________
Sale price:_________  Deposit:__________  Balance due:________________ S/N:________
Paypal_____    Check__________  Facebook Pay__________  Micro chip $60______

1.  A deposit is required to reserve your kitten/cat.  Should you change your mind, you have 3 business days from the date
deposit is received to cancel and receive your deposit back.  After that, there will be no refunds of any kind.  A deposit
of $300 is required to hold your Bengal.   Once you have paid for and taken your kitten home, there will be NO refunds.  

2.   It is the buyer's responsibility to have this kitten/cat examined by a veterinarian within 3 business days after taking the
animal home.  Make your appointment before picking up your Bengal.  If you have other pets, you must keep this animal
separated from them for a period of two weeks.  This is a requirement for the health guarantee.  If one of my cats become ill
after you take it home and you have not kept it separated from your other pets, there is no way to determine if the illness
came from my house or yours.  Some pets can be latent carriers of certain viruses.  You may never know until it becomes
stressed.  If the new pet has been found to have an untreatable or life threatening disease that the vet feels was contacted at
the seller's house, I will refund the purchase price only once the pet is sent back to me.   You will not be refunded any vet
costs or shipping costs.  You must have documented proof that this type of illness does exist.  I don't want 'guesses' from a
vet.  I want to see lab work.  My vet will want to discuss this with yours.  

3.   I have a GENETIC health guarantee until this cat reaches 1 year old.  Upon proof that this animal does have a genetic life
threatening health problem, the animal must be immediately spayed or neutered (if sold as a breeder).  I will replace the
animal with one of equal value when one becomes available.  You would be responsible for the cost of shipping the
replacement.  FIP is not included in this guarantee.

4.   At no time will I be responsible for any vet bills you may incur with any of my Bengals.

5.   By signing this agreement you acknowledge and give permission for my vet to talk with yours should a problem occur.

6.   Kharistan Cattery is against declawing.  With proper training and nail trimming, a Bengal will not scratch you or your
furniture.  If you go against this advice, you may experience behavior problems such as inappropriate urination and biting.  

7.   Should you decide you cannot care for this Bengal any longer, you MUST contact me.
I will help you rehome the Bengal.  These cats must never be placed in a pet store, sanctuary, laboratory,  or animal shelter.  
If you cannot get a hold of me (should never happen) contact the Great Lakes Bengal Cat Rescue.  They will be able to get a
hold of me.

8.   All cats/kittens are sold with the age appropriate vaccines, a dose of Revolution or Advantage Plus, dewormed and  
TICA registration paper.  The vet should never give 4-1 kitten vaccines.  Too many breeders have had kittens fall ill or die
from this vaccine.  

9.   If you want the pet micro chipped, there is a $60 charge.  I encourage everyone to have their pets micro chipped.

10.  These are NOT outside cats.  They must always be in an enclosure or in a harness and leash if outdoors.  No exceptions.  
A barn is not considered indoors.

11.  My cats eat a combination of raw, canned and dried food.  Dried food is mainly just a snack, never the main meal.  If
you don't like raw, please feed them canned.  Bengals require a lot of water, which canned food has.

12.  All kittens sold as pets must be neutered by 6 months old.

 Advertising Rights

The seller reserves the right to use all photos of this cat/kitten in any advertising, including Kharistan Cattery's web site
and facebook pages.  The buyer must use the cat's full registered name on their web site, facebook or any other advertising
media.  This does include the Kharistan name.     

                                                 Legal Action

If the buyer or seller commences any legal action as a result of this contract, the buyer agrees that all action will take place in
Madison County in the state of Indiana.  Any legal fees in upholding this contract will be paid by the buyer.  This is a legally
binding contract between the seller and the buyer signed below.  It is not transferable to a 3rd party.  The health guarantee
will become void.  The spay/neuter agreement is still applicable.  Any breach of this contract will result in a $1500 fine and
will be enforced.

By signing below, the buyer understands and agrees to all conditions in this contract.

Print name_________________________  Buyer Signature___________________________
Phone_______________________  Email________________________  Date______________
Buyer's Vet_______________________________  Phone_______________

Seller's Signature____________________________

Kharistan Cattery
CJ Epperson
2121 Dena Drive
Anderson, Indiana  46017
Home Phone - 765-378-9001
Cell Phone - 765-425-4104

Comments:  I cannot stress this enough - do your homework.  Know what the Bengal personality is like.  If you want a lap
cat or a quieter cat, get a different breed!
Please call me with any concerns.  I am here to help you or guide you to someone who can if I am not able.  I care about this
kitten/cat and the family that buys him/her.  

Once you put down a deposit, if something should happen to the kitten before you receive it, I will send your deposit back.  
The deposit is part of the price of the kitten.  Example: If the kitten is priced at $1500. and you put down a $300 deposit, your
balance will be $1200.  

Time and time again I see buyers putting new kittens with their other pets immediate.  This is a huge mistake.  I will NOT
guarantee their health if you do this.  I have no idea what, if anything, your other pets have been exposed to or may silently
carry.   Many viruses hide inside your cat and you will never know until it is stressed, ill or something changes in their life
or surroundings.

If you decide to change the kittens food.  Do it slowly.  If you abruptly change it, you will have a kitten/cat throwing up.  
Never give a cat milk or cooked bones.