Purchasing and Home Visits Information

If you are interested in a Kharistan Exotic, please email me
or fill out my kitten waiting list form.   I do not respond to
emails without a name.

If you would like to visit with my Asian Leopard Cats, please
call or email.  I feel everyone should visit the cattery before
purchasing a kitten or cat.  You need to see where and how
the exotics are raised and socialized.  It's very important to
make sure the right ALC is placed with the right family.  At
Kharistan Cattery, you are not just choosing a cat, you are
getting a lifetime of help if needed.  Other than your vet, I
want to be the next person you call if you ever have a
problem with one of my cats.

ALC prices range from $6000 to $8000.

You MUST live in a city/town, county and state
where exotics are legal to own!
 Kharistan Exotics