Since we have been breeding, we have met some
of the nicest people.  Besides our  fabulous
Bengals, it is you, our buyers, that makes this
hobby so rewarding for us.  If we didn't feel our babies
were going to the best homes possible, we
wouldn't be doing this. We have made so many
new friends and we feel truly blessed knowing
that you love your Bengal (s) as much as we do!
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Lindsay from Oklahoma:
He's doing so well! He ventured out of the bedroom & started exploring!

Beth from Kentucky:
You did such a wonderful job of raising him!! All he wants is love and attention. I've
never had a kitten adjust this quick and have such a good personality.

Jess from Iowa:
She is doing amazing.  She has a wonderful personality and is already a very sweet
girl who loves to cuddle and be loved, but on her terms of course.     
One month later:
Update on Starbuck (formerly Katrina)  Simply put, she's amazing.  I cannot
encourage you enough to have another litter with her parents as her personality is
pretty much perfect.  She's playful, ornery, cuddly and too smart for her own good.
She is the most fastidious cat I have ever seen about her litter box and has never had
a single accident or issue despite, at one point, being in a house with 5 other cats.  She
is utterly fearless with the adult cats and her surroundings.

Abby from Missouri:
We are lucky to have found you!  You made it all happen.  

Travis from Iowa:
Just wanted to let you know that everything is well....  She's full of energy and
wants to play constantly.  

Becky from Missouri:
Thanks again so much for Kaine. He is so very wonderful, and has had Eley laughing
so hard he is crying. He is a sweet natured kitty, and brings us much joy and
entertainment. I can't wait till someday we can get another one from you again.  

Jennifer from Indiana:
Love our kitten.  We couldn't be happier.

Wendy from Missouri:
Annalees is perfect!  She is very social and wants to be held.

Lydia from Illinois:
We absolutely LOVE the babies!

John & Sheryl from Iowa:
I just love him. He spent a lot of time sitting behind me on the sofa last night &
would purr when I reached back to pet him.  We took him to our Vet this AM & he
got a clean bill of health.